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SO fed up with comparing yourself to all those women out there crushing it in their business and fully booked with dream clients and you are ready to crack the code and get piece of that success for yourself then you have come to the right place lovely!

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Hi I’m Casey!

I work with ambitious females ready to start or scale their service based business and create limitless IMPACT and INCOME.

You see, I thought I had it all figured out - I had run a successful clothing brand and generated over a million in sales, had been a celebrity fashion stylist working in both London and LA, was a magazine style editor and then set out to start my online business teaching other women how to set up a personal and fashion styling business.

You would think the clients would come rolling in with all my accolades. WOW I got a harsh shock. I had the shiny website, fancy business cards, was posting my offers all over social media and was good at what I did with amazing social proof with all my experience… BUT the clients didn’t come rolling in as I expected. I soon realised my strategy or no strategy should I say was not going to actually get me anywhere!


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Client Love


I am so full of gratitude and want to say a huge thank you for all of the amazing work you have done with me. When I look back to when we started working together 5 months ago and where I've grown to now it's actually mind-blowing. I was so ready to take a long-jump in my business and up my game but every time I'd hit the run up I hesitated and procrastinated.

Cordelia Kate

You gave me that encouragement and structure to not only go for it, but land in sheer style, launching my first group programme amidst the chaos of lockdown (and 3 kids at home) hitting £42k in sales in a single month. 5 months later and I'm running a 6-figure business, building an incredible team and working with my absolute dream clients. It feels amazing and every day I'm bouncing to get to work, more fulfilled than I've ever been. Thank you so much

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Working with Casey totally transformed my reality. I even got the dream car from my vision board, my delicious Range Rover Evoque...

Emma Wakefield

I was burning out running my nail business from home whilst teaching at a college and juggling being a single mum. I was overwhelmed and quickly giving up on my living my ‘dream life’

But Casey helped me launch my coaching business and it was an absolute game changer for me. I ditched the £45 per client income ceiling and switched it up for £4500 per client instead!

My business has evolved over the years and I’m so grateful for all of Caseys support and knowledge that I have been able to use every time I launch a new program or package.

Her energy is just so magnetic and empowering and I’m truly grateful for her!